About Us

Having spent previous years growing up, schooling, working, traveling, raising a family, working and multi-tasking as we are all conditioned to adhere to as the appropriate action to take in the 20th- 21st century, not to leave out living in the conditions we all follow, I have found my passion in being people orientated very rewarding.

  • I am inspired to help people move in their chosen direction.
  • My focus on new world ethics is a premium quality of mine.
  • I have a strong influence with people, being an avid reader, writer and a great listener.
  • My compassion, kindness and personal traits are felt with sincerity.

Some of my life experiences include hospitality, retail, real estate, and aged care.

Now focusing on the growing sector of people who are focusing on their own personal growth in order to improve their lives and the lives of people around them, I am committed to The Best Thoughts business and website being the help and fun, it is intended to be for all interested readers.