What does it mean to be accountable?


To be accountable or to answer to someone about something means being responsible for your own actions, and being able to explain them.Your inner consciousness is what influences your thoughts and aides you to talk your talk.A single thought has not got much power of persuasion, but through repetition the thought can become directed at what it has visioned.The more times a thought is repeated the more power it generates and it will materialise.Affirmations are great repeated many times, until they become a belief in the mind.

Take control of your thinking

You choose and can take control of the thoughts you allow into your mind.With responsible choices you can become aware of what influences your thinking. You must sincerely take the time, effort and allow yourself to be out of your comfort zone, and you will make permanent changes.Know that eventually you will focus on what you want and the thoughts you choose will come easier and more frequent.

Think the thoughts that make you feel good about yourself

Make yourself accountable to achieve the good feelings you would like to feel. Trust in your own wants in life and take action in feeling and have faith that you will progress towards your desires. Important changes usually begin in a definite decision which you will be accountable for. Know that you deserve what is best for you and that you will to have it.

Being Accountable for Your Own Actions

  1. If your mind-set is that you are at least 80% responsible for your success you are more likely to be successful at what you endeavour.

  2. Accountability is a mind-set and it can be learnt by anyone who is serious about their achievement. Responsibility. Being responsible is not something you do—it’s a way of thinking and being. When you are responsible, you believe that success or failure is up to you. It’s easy to claim responsibility when things go well, but it’s hard when they don’t. A truly responsible person, however, accepts responsibility either way.

Learn to deal with what is

Think about the past, could you change it? It was what it was. But you can take control of your life now.

Self-empower yourself

I and my lovely friend Gayl have put together a beautiful book with a compilation of thoughts from Edgar Allan to Zig Ziglar, and the quotes and sentences in this book ‘Love Loving You’ are very self-explanatory. This book can be purchased from www.thebestthoughts.com.au website.

Love Loving You is a good book to have around yourself as it reminds you how far you have come on your journey in life. Take the actions and the risks to achieve a result in your life and get what you want happening.

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