The Best Thoughts Affirmation Stickers

Think it, Affirm it, Live it.
“Our beliefs define our reality”


Keeping the words simple with a vision associated to a phrase makes it easy to see the same goal happening. Repetition of the same thought is the magnet required. Put a positive picture to an affirmation, and seen, said on a regular basis, activates the events unfolding.

‘I am confident’

The shorter the phrase the easier to associate the same picture to.Remember, repetition is the answer.

For affirmations to be effective they must be said repetitively and regularly. In our minds the subconscious replays what the conscious mind is thinking, acting, believing.

“Believe it and See it.”

Place your affirmation stickers in locations where you will visit and read them regularly throughout your day – On your phone, on the bathroom mirror, on the dashboard of your car, on a running shoe, inside your carry bag…

Became the creator of your reality.

Affirmations must be used constantly. 30-90 days and see your result manifest.

Remove Negativity.