The goal with Affirmation Imprinting is to repeat a statement over and over again, day after day, until it makes an “imprint” on your subconscious. Once this occurs, your subconscious mind will sense a difference between what it sees as being “real” and your outer physical world. It will seem almost magical the way doors and opportunities open up for you ‘everywhere’ in order to make that affirmation a reality.  In order for the affirmation imprinting to occur most effectively, the affirmation statements need to be written a specific way…

afffirmations imprinting

Three Guidelines to Powerful Affirmation Statements

  1. THEY MUST BE PERSONAL You are going to use the words “I” and “My” in each case. For example, a proper affirmation would be “I am confident when speaking in front of a large audience”, not “You are confident….”

  2. THEY MUST BE POSITIVE You would state your affirmation like this: “I eat healthy meals each day.” A negative, and thus ineffective affirmation, would be “I don’t eat junk food.” You see – although the subconscious is a powerful tool, it is still rather simple. It sees what you are saying as “images” rather than words… so it can’t comprehend words like “don’t” and “can’t.” When you say, “I don’t eat junk food,” your subconscious mind brings up an IMAGE of you and junk food, and you actually begin to reinforce the behavior that you are trying to change!

  3. THEY MUST BE IN PRESENT TENSE Logically you would think to make your affirmation in the future tense, as in “I will be successful in my business.” But this isn’t the case. When you put your statement out into the future, no “tension” is created within the subconscious mind, and therefore NO imprinting or changes will occur. Just by changing that same affirmation to present tense, “I AM successful in my business,” you create the tension needed and your subconscious goes to work.

These three guidelines are CRUCIAL to Successful Affirmation Imprinting.

I am passing this explanation on how to use the affirmation process from Richard A. Luck CEO New You Life Coaching,

Richard explains it as it should be, in understandable terms.

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