Affirmations are simple statements repeated to oneself over and over, influencing thoughts that occur in the mind.

The mind believes what it is told repetitively and this technique is very effective in helping the mind to gain the results it is wanting.

TRUTH: You are your thoughts
Create your life experiences

  • Empower yourself
  • Acknowledge yourself
  • Achieve your desires

Imprint positive thoughts on your subconscious mind and the repetition, with emotion and feeling of the same thought starts relating with your creative ability to give you the result you asked for.

Everyone has tremendous mental capacity; it is up to us to make the most of it.

A successful person has a success consciousness.

It is your responsibility to choose what goes into your mind.

Repetition of thoughts creates your reality.

Affirmation Stickers are an easy way to get started with regular viewing of the same statement . A range is available from The Best Thoughts shop.

First, place the vision of what you desire in your mind, and find words that match your vision. Every time you think about what you want the words you have chosen will be easy to say and repeat. Keep the sentence short, two or three words is best to start with. For example, if you have a desire to win at something say ‘I Win’, and see what it is you are intending to happen, happen. This is how the Mind becomes a magnet attracting opportunities for your desire to eventuate. You must become very open to what is going on around you and take steps towards any idea that comes into your mind.

It is through repetition that results show through, and the more you repeat the quicker you see results.

Once you start realizing how the mind is your magnet, life gets more exciting.

Feel Alive.

Love Living your life

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