‘Esther and Jerry Hicks’ Creative Workshop Process.

Attracting what it is that is important into your life is a process of complete self-belief.

The Creative Workshop

The importance of feeling good being yourself Is a definite requirement. Feeling happy participating in your activity of being in your creative space is of importance.

I like being here; I recognise the value and power of this time. I feel very good to be here.

I see myself in a sort of total package, one that I know is of my own choosing. I am full of energy in this picture of myself-tireless and really moving through life experience without resistance. As I see myself gliding about, moving in and out of my car, in and out of buildings, in and out of rooms, in and out of conversations, and in and out of life experiences, I see myself floating effortlessly, comfortably, and happily.

I see myself attracting only those who are in harmony with my currant intent. And I am clearer and clearer in every moment about what it is that I want. When I get into my automobile and I am moving to a place, I see myself arriving healthy, refreshed and on time.  I see myself dressed to perfection in just the manor that I choose for myself. And it is nice to know that it matters not what others are choosing, or what others are even thinking about what I am choosing.

What is important is that I am pleased with me, and as I see myself, I certainly am.

I recognise that I am unlimited in all facets of my life….

I have a bank account balance that is unlimited, and as I see myself moving through life experiences, it is exhilarating to know that there is nothing that I am choosing that is limited by money.

I am making all of my decisions based upon whether I want the experience or not-not based upon whether or not I can afford the experience. For I know I am a magnet who attracts, at any point, whatever prosperity, health, and relationships I choose.

I choose absolute and continuing abundance, for I understand that there is no limit to the abundance in the universe.

The money flows to me easily, so I have an unlimited supply of abundance and prosperity.

There are abundant aspects in every area of my life….I see myself surrounded by others who, like me want growth; and who are drawn to me by my willingness to allow them to be, do or have whatever they want while I do not need to draw into my experience those things that they may be choosing that I do not like. I see myself interacting with others; and talking, laughing and enjoying that which is perfect in them while they enjoy that which is perfect in me. I see myself in perfect health. I see myself in absolute prosperity. I see myself invigorated with life.

Esther and Jerry Hicks have the use of the guidance and teachings of Abraham. Abraham is a spiritual guide.

I would like to share a learning I found interesting and I like the teaching from Abraham.

Vibration Contrast

We live in a vibration universe

What we don’t want /Do want. We experience both.

Opposite attraction.

Non-physical expands to what we do want.

Life causes us to expand.

When the sauce within us joins the vibration of what we do want and don’t have, we feel the resistance of being pulled apart.

If we have negative emotions we feel separation.

We are not keeping up with ourselves.

 Ask for improvement

If it weren’t for the contrast we couldn’t ask for what we want.

Law of attraction gives us what we think of.

We have to rid our vibration of things that bother us.

Give our attention to what we do want.

Observe what goes on.

Most people are looking for love in all the wrong places – Look inside ourselves.

Question:  How do I untrain myself?

Answer   :  Look for the best thought

( source energy – vibration )

Move towards what makes ourself feel good.

Everything around us is a vibration source.

Vibrational reality, manifestation from thought.

The power of The Law of Attraction.

Thought – Feelings – Action – Results

All things we are asking for are being drawn towards us.

We must let go of what is uncontrollable. Focus on what is controllable.

Look at what we want now not what we don’t want.

Look for things to appreciate – Gratitude

The best of what we see will be attracted into our vibrational energy.

Once we come to believe we will be in the vortex.

We get what we want when we see what we want.

We will have control of our vibration.

In the Vortex

We have to feel our way in.

We are the creator of our experience.

We control our thoughts by the way we feel.

It is the working way to look at the good always, don’t pay attention to what is not wanted.

The Laws of the universe are always Law of Attraction.

That which is likened to itself is drawn.

The better we feel, the more we are in sync with what we want.

There is always a vibrational reality.

A belief is only a thought that I keep thinking

Think the thoughts that match what you want until they come true.

The thoughts we think repetitvely have so much power and control in our living experiences

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