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HAPPINESS –  A Defined Definition

Deepak Chopra MD (official)Influencer

Founder, Chopra Foundation

Two Kinds of Happiness (One Is Bad for You) Oct 3 2014

The field of positive […]

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Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature and that is because, in the last analysis we ourselves are part of nature. Therefore part of the mystery we are trying to solve.

– Max Planck

Why do You Need Three Brains?

Category: Science

We’re […]

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What is Consciousness

Consciousness is the perception of what passes in a wo/mans own mind.

The term conscious has and is now more focused on in today’s living world due to  the change of professional careers  becoming more relevant in today’s society . Careers like counseling, tarot card […]

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We can all be better or worse off; we have the choice to participate in either want.

Understanding how our conscious and subconscious mind plays in the events that unfold in our lives and the necessary application of our thoughts is our part in getting what we […]

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Living in todays life design.

A goal is an essential commodity and needs continual focus and if there are many events happening at one time,the goal is often changing as concentration is focused on numerous happenings.

It is tough to stay focused on an event when other […]

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– in my eyes is the learning to relax, quieten the mind and focus on nothing (or something if you so wish).

I do find in my talks with people that some find meditation as some sort of exotic activity.

It’s what ‘New Age’ or ‘Spiritual’ thinking people […]

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All people have to be treated with respect, and by helping yourself to reach your goal/s, is to be set about by having ‘the right values’, the right ethics’, and feeling good about the choices made.

Knowing the self inside and out is an art and by […]

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Chain Towards Paying it Forward

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United we stand, combining in harmony, our efforts will be rewarded,

Shared attention speeds up results.

How to Achieve Goal in Life

Patience and persistance are prescribed requisite elements.

You -Your Mind Values – Belief – Action – Accountability

Set Your Goal

To […]

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Think Positive

Think it, feel it, act on it, results always.

Do not inquire why or whether, but just enjoy your ice cream while it is on your plate.

Right, wrong, good or bad… really life is a lot of hay, straw, barley…,so start thinking about […]

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The Dragonfly has Brainpower

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Dragonfly and Brainpower

Dragonflies possess a mental ability previously only demonstrated in humans and other primates, say scientists.

The insect is the first known to be capable of “selective attention”, which allows it to overcome distractions.

Dragonflies hunt their prey on the wing.

Selective attention allows them […]

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