BALANCE – Let A Necessary Change Eventuate

It is necessary to be vigilant and very assertive in order to change or to grow and become aware of the subconscious belief system.  We learn that our conscious realities; people, events, places, and things are all driven by our subconscious realities. Our subconscious relates to; thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Right down to the neurons that travelled on particular pathways in our brain; from before birth, our genes we are made up from, life experiences, beliefs and everything that has happened to us as we have reached the stage we are at now. It is easier not to think than it is to think of new thoughts of a different nature to what we have previously conditioned in our minds. To have the new thoughts repeated to the extent it takes to make the shift to activate the subconscious there is not a standard time period. We all differ in our mind activities. Remember back to been young, younger and each stage of growth took repetition for a belief to become lodged in your thinking mind. When a baby is born, he/she lies down first, movements happen, rolling, crawling, stands aided by a solid object, steps and falls, then repetition of steps lead to walking, our mind is like the journey of a baby. We must constantly be aware of what we want to happen. This is a very basic description, but the message is we often tend to be non-eventful following through with goals, plans and wanted events in our lives. Whether it is because we have become caught up in our own life drama, someone else’s drama, the education system, what we are lead to believe is the better solution to our living etc…. But change is necessary at times in our life and the only person who has complete control of us is ourselves. Once we come to understand the process involved to make necessary changes to move towards our  desires we are working with ourselves not against and this will become the beginning of our new planned for ‘life journey’. Knowing we are in control of ourselves is better than having to be a slave to someone elses manifestation.

The truth first makes us feel angry, but then it makes us freer. Previous mistakes may need to be worked on before one is able to dive in and make dynamic life changes, and often like any change for the better, the change is not only practical but enlightening. Each day Benjamin Franklyn asked himself in the morning “what good am I going to do today?” in the evening, “what good have I done today?” Once our potential to accomplish what we set our minds on becomes our reality in our life experiences, growth is easier to focus on.

‘I am confident’, I win’, I am a success’, ‘Do it for them’, I can do it’, ‘I feel great’, ‘Opportunities everywhere’.

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