As for if other peoples negative thoughts affecting ours….
No, only if we let them!

negative thoughts

Avoid Negative Thoughts of Others

We have to stay focused on our own thoughts of what we want to create. And really feel the thoughts, live them in our imagination often, so much so that it feels like we are already living it to some degree in our real life. Meaning we can really feel what it will be like.  The more we do this and can stay in that space, the more we can in some way influence the one who cannot stay in the positive space. We may have an influence on the negative thinker with our positive thought.

If we are deliberately choosing our thoughts then we are in control of what we think. So we decide not to have the negative person’s thought take a hold of us. The key is to be deliberate about the thoughts we think. So when the negative thinker starts sharing their negativity with us, we can choose not to own those thoughts. We must acknowledge that the thought is the other person’s creation and that we don’t choose to create in that way.

We all create our own reality with our thoughts.

We all create our own reality and we can influence others by being the best we can be, it will rub off.  But on the other hand, it does work both ways, we can be influenced by the negative thought of others if we allow it, by not recognizing that the negative thought actually belongs to someone else. So, being deliberate about the thoughts we choose to have as our own is all we need to do. When a negative thought comes up we can look at it and see if it does belong to us or see that it belongs to someone else. Release the thoughts that are not ours. Just acknowledge that it is not what we think or feel and that it is someone else’s creation and then let it go. Just like that. We might even think of putting that thought in a bubble and blowing it away.

For the negative thoughts that are ours we can change them by just thinking of a slightly better feeling thought. Don’t reach too far, it has to feel real to ourself, we have to own that better feeling thought. It has to be one that makes us feel a little bit better. Then from there we can find the next better feeling thought, and take it from there. Little steps at a time. Think the new thought and then ask ourself, “does that feel better, the same, or worse?” As we keep choosing the better feeling thought we will raise our own vibration and we will be getting in touch with our own positivity.

The nice thing about it is that the Law of Attraction is always working so we will get more of what we are thinking about. In this case we will receive more better feeling thoughts. Once we have gotten use to this life-creation in our lives it becomes exciting, adventurous, and more knowledge begins flowing through. Time is an illusion and it is important to always remember ‘Rome was not built in a day’, also ‘Winners never Quit’. We must see ourselves where we want to be. And it is OK if our vision changes. We are living our own lives and that is all there is to that.

Balance – Believe and let a necessary change eventuate.

Persistance, Desire, Belief, Faith – Napoleon Hill worked this out in his living days.

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