What is Consciousness

Consciousness is the perception of what passes in a wo/mans own mind.

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The term conscious has and is now more focused on in today’s living world due to  the change of professional careers  becoming more relevant in today’s society . Careers like counseling, tarot card readers, hypnotherapy, hypnotists, doctors specializing in personal matters, neurologists, spiritual consolations, therapists and a great number more of newer professions that exist in the twenty first century.

In the earlier centuries, thinking different to what was at the time considered normal, at times resulted in death. It was perceived as witchery and the only good witch was a dead witch. Wow how we have grown mentally and how we have had and have the opportunities to expand our knowledge.

The scientists are spending a lot of time studying the mind.

Albeit in the past the scientific field was thought to be a lot more specialised, but today we are all able to access a great amount of information and that gives us all our own ways of working towards answers to that which we seek.

The science teachings are constantly being refreshed and are somewhat challenging unless we are opting to learn.

Science is a learnt field and as we are what we believe.Through the amount of teaching we are exposed to and our own knowledge. Self knowledge is knowledge of ones innermost thoughts and feelings.

We are all conditioned from the day we are born and depending on our environment, we are who we are largely from the early exposure and experiences in those days of our life.

Our perceptions of living differ in each of us and until we allow ourselves to become open to different polarities like right, wrong, different the same. We will believe what we have been conditioned too.

Changes are happening now I believe, in our ‘thinking ways’. My own perception is before in past years a person was innocent before proven guilty, in todays living I perceive a person is seen as guilty before proven innocent. I am not at ease with a lot of media, news and articles of public interest because of the negative insinuations that are often the ‘Headings’. Then I am aware of the marketing strategies and bad news is a seller. That maybe due to facts such as we may feel better knowing someone is worst off, less fortunate uglier…

We are very much driven by our Egos and our own consciousness.

A lot of opinions that are made freely and often I wonder if the mouth that shares an opinion is speaking from the perception s/he has made in the mind the self occupies. Listening to a number of negative responses often made, are no different to what is a consideration. New age thinking is more freer and convincing due to free speech, marketing, personal powers. Answers can sound to be of a psychic response, and the explanation to where and how the outcome came from may not be forth-coming.

A lot of judgements are made from peoples minds that leave the question are you psychic?, do you have ‘mental telepathy?, where does the basis of the shared information come from?


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