Energy is the Power

Everything is energy.

Energy is not created therefore cannot be destroyed.

Energy has its own cause and effect.

Energy is present in all places at all times.

Energy is constant in motion and never rests.

Energy is forever changing form.

Change is energy’s only attribute.

Our thoughts are waves of energy and they penetrate throughout time and space.

Concentration, visualizing, and focus increase the vibration. So if you concentrate on the negative images, you attract the negative. If you have happy and positive images in your thoughts, you will attract the good that you desire. Think it, feel it, Action= Results…


Everything has an equal and opposite, hot/cold, good/bad, fear/faith, ignorance/knowledge.

Pleasure does not exist without pain.

Like waves, and the tides at the beach, they go in and out, we have good and bad days, night follows day. Becoming in alignment or being more balanced is growth. Balance is to believe and let the necessary change eventuate.

If we concentrate on the cause of our upheavals the effect will automatically take care of itself.

When we plant seeds we allow their growth period. Be Patient, trusting and allow time for the manifestation.

We all have infinite potential. Our powerful brains are ready to be accommodated with what we desire.

We have the potential to bring on our own happiness, passion, love, joy, and freedom.

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