The way we think about money is an important factor in our lives and our relationships with money

Conversations about money are avoided still as they were 50 years ago, in a lot of situations the details are covered by credited goods being on show and a lot easier to accumulate in the twenty first century.

Fifty years ago money was a private topic, but nowadays as we live in a more material cultural background, and the cost for living the ‘ideal’ lifestyle has sky-rocketed and more to a point is and has been shown on television programs, advertising, and has been thought of as the normal living ways.

finances money importance

Confusion in families and their relationships with money has a lot of serious and lifelong repercussions’ on the handling of and distribution of the money.

What you think about money is important, as like any addiction it becomes a dictating dis ease and it stays with you unconsciously or unthought-of until an event is upon you to reconsider your thinking ways.

It is not what you possess, but what you do with what you have that determines your true worth; these words were spoken by Nita Ambani, wife of the richest man in India.

It is your attitude about the way you manage your money that can make the huge difference in your life. Positive thoughts in regards to money lead to positive habits and good money management. Negative thinking leads to the thought pattern being as you think you receive.

By maintaining an open mind towards your finances and your thoughts towards your financial security you create your own reality. If you are open to making changes in your financial habits, you will be more likely to succeed towards a healthier future. At one time or another, discomfort, stress, anxiety, or the feeling of ignorance about money in most lives has occurred.

The subject on money is limited in our education systems.

And unless a financial thinking back-ground has been a relevant learning from your parents or past educators your money beliefs may be limited.

By focusing on the money security you would like to process around you, you will be more likely to succeed in becoming definite towards a healthier financial status.

  1. Focus on your thoughts.
  2. Imagination is a great tool.
    Start thinking about your wants, feel as if the want is present in your life now.
  3. Plan and make your goal a reality.
  4. Think it, feel it, believe it is happening now, truly believe.

Napoleon Hill wrote ‘Think and Grow Rich’ in 1937 it was published and is still a world top educater. The title says it all THINK.

By affirming your wants you begin the journey towards them and them towards you.

Some affirmations you may make yourself comfortable with are ‘Money works for me’,’Money comes to me easily’, ‘123 Money comes to me’,these are examples towards your positive mind-set.

Affirmations must be repeated many times for the belief to be felt in the body,mind and soul.

Give saying an affirmation a try for 30-90 days and let the feeling become your reality.

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