Healing for Balance in Life

Believe And Let A Necessary Change Eventuate

A balance is needed in all areas in regards to a persons emotional,mental, spiritual and physical attributes.

Emotional healing takes place when we accept and learn to feel the full range of our feelings.

Mental healing is when we become aware of our thinking, and what we have accepted as core beliefs. Letting go of what no longer serve our present day purpose and becoming more open to support and success for new activities.

Spiritual healing is a connection to our soul, and we have extended it to our universal beliefs, god, higher power, intuition, and inner mind characteristics.

 Physical healing takes place in us when we care for our bodies and the physical world we live in.

Our bodies heal themselves from the inside.  Molecules, cells, tissues these are some of our inner working agents. If we break a bone, cut ourselves a healing does start on its own accord. Albeit we do go and speed the process up with quicker healing agents like doctors, medical appliances, medicines.

Mental healing is far more accepted in todays life-styles as we are made so much more aware of our minds working ways and the beliefs that we have been conditioned to think. Our perceptions do and will always differ as we all come from different backgrounds.

We can build our own healthier balance in all areas emotional, mental, spiritual and physical when we slow our minds down and think what we would like to see in our lives rather than what we don’t like seeing.

Directing thoughts on to the desire is moving the happening in our lives closer to what is wanted and further away from what is not wanted. Thoughts are so powerful. Think good and good is the following. Affirmations are a constant reminder of a want.

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