Value of Health In Your life – Part 2

“I live a happy, healthy life”

Values are what we choose to be a happening in our life.

Each of us are more motivated, more effective and living our lives to their best potential when we are living our own personal values to their fullest.

The majority of people live unconscious of their life values or priorities. The problem here is the risk of being in a position to do things that is another person’s values.

“People will never attain what they cannot see themselves doing”- Karen Ford

When we start to focus on what we want, like and start visualizing ourselves in the position we want to be in, whether that be healthier, slimmer, better at a sport, or running …, first we must see the end result and take all the necessary steps to attain that which we seek.

value of health in life

Personal values which are our emotional, physical and mental limits are what we make in our mind first and our actions follow.

By thinking consciously of your own personal wants and values you become in alignment to start your progress towards what it is you set out in front of yourself to do.

If your goal is to lose 20 kilos, you start with the thought, then you see in your mind the end result, and you start taking the appropriate steps, focus on the actions you intend and follow through with acting accordingly.

Our personal values allow us to be unique and do our own thinking and feeling, and not act on another person’s thoughts and feelings. Healthy relationships are the product of our own personal values, such as honesty, good communication, emotional awareness and in simple terms being yourself.

We establish our own ‘Values’ when we become aware of our own wants, self-worth, and appreciation for living the way we choose, and in the fashion that is our own desire.

It is important to become aware that other peoples needs and feelings are not more important than your own. A lot of women have put their husband and children needs as priorities over their own, and this can cause problems in a healthy functioning of a family dynamic. Many men have put others before themselves as well.Learning to say NO is and can be a start in honouring yourself and moving away from being the people-pleaser you may have previously been. Becoming aware of your own values in your life is powerful to you and others and you allow yourself to be who you really are and your own performances in life are genuine and unique for you.

Possessing healthy values enables you to-

  • Have self confidence
  • Be more in touch with reality
  • Have more stability and control in life
  • Have better and more fulfilling relationships
  • Be a good  communicator with others

                                    Happy People Everywhere

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