Mind Training

mind training

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Affirmations confirm what is wanted, so the importance of removing all the negative chatter in one’s mind is the necessary tool needed to put the mind thinking of what is wanted rather than allowing it to focus on what one does not want.

This changing over from the negative to the positive is not an over night success, it does take time. The time it takes will be different to everyone. But once you start, it is the start to ‘ what you focus on grows’.

Stick to one or two beliefs a month; don’t try to do too much all at once.

Remember ‘A belief is only a thought that I keep thinking’

I need I love
I am insensitive I care
I am in turmoil I am at peace
I am blocked I am creative
I am worthless I am my success
I am bored I am involved
I never enjoy I enjoy
I am tense I am relaxed
I am off course I am on the path
I am afraid I am excited
I am lonely I am connected
I am poor I have so much
I am being passed by I love getting older
I try to control I let go
I am venerable I am protected
I hold resentment I forgive
I wait and wait I live now
I am always disappointed I go with what is
I have tunnel vision I see big
I am empty I am filled up
I am filled with self-doubt I am confident
I am dissatisfied I am content
I am bored I am involved

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