Saying words over and over is the beginning of a happening.

“I Can Do It”

I can do itA dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. -Colin Powell

Believe, conceive, and the result is achievement.  Empowering oneself is our own responsibility and to successfully achieve our own dreams, it all starts with the thought of success and at the very least making the condition comfortable and as real to an actual happening now in our own mind.

Gaining the knowledge, guidance, motivation and accountability for our own actions to fulfil and achieve our goal starts with a decision to focus on what is wanted.When the decision to go ahead with the desire is happening remember it will be like climbing a ladder, it takes one step at a time. A good idea is to stop and take note of where you have come from, and see where you are going in your mind first, this helps the event being seen as a possibility then a reality.

It often is not until we allow ourselves to be out of our comfort zone that we actually do step towards a new venture.

Finding good support is a great comfort in any issue, as two or more minds will make any mental issue less like a battle, non-event, at the very least a shared problem is halved.

Education is an asset in our lives and the better we can get ourselves acquainted with the information we seek, the better we will be.

Your determination today leads to success tomorrow.

It is a good idea to stop often and look at what  has been achieved at different stages. Never let go of beliefs, in relation to the desire that has taken hold in the mind, as these thoughts are the building blocks towards the end result.

The more we sweat in practise the less we bleed in battle.

Believing in a positive result is the first action to take when we start heading towards our desired outcome in any new venture.

Forget mistakes. Forget failure. Forget everything except what you are going to do now and do it.  

Wil Durant

Our thoughts are so powerful; our reality is created through our thoughts.

Repetition is so necessary towards accomplishing any venture.

Any thought we put into our mind and think it regularly will produce results in our life.

A good way to  make a belief a reality is repeat an affirmation.

Whatever you choose, for example “I feel great”, think it, feel it, act as if you are what you are saying, and really feel great. Repetition will bring results.

I will stress that once or twice is not repetition. One to three months is the incubation period for definite results. But each of us it differs, so the best action is to train the mind to repeat what it is wanted to occur.

Morning time, during the day, night time before closing your eyes; find a time that feels right for you, and repeat, repeat, repeat.

  • Think it
  • Feel it
  • Action
  • Results

I know from my present life experiences this is good knowledge for successful thinking. I have constant reminders of what works for me and what doesn’t. I am learning to try and when I fail at what I am wanting to achieve, remind myself ‘it is better to have tried and failed than failed to have tried. At the very least I do get results for trying anything, so always new experiences are happening in my life. I love it.

I remind myself often of what I have to be thankful for and say thank you as often as I can.

Opportunities everywhere

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