Spiritual Enlightenment

Love, joy and peace are deep states of inner connectedness with yourself. These states arise from beyond the mind.

The heart generates the strongest rhythmic electromagnetic field generated in the body.

Measured with modern magnetic field meters, the heart’s electromagnetic field is approximately five thousand times greater in strength than produced by the brain.

The hearts field permeates every cell in the body and radiates up to eight feet outside the body and theoretically it travels even further.

(IHM ) Institute of Heartmath

Love, joy and peace have no opposites. Rather than emotions like anger, worry. upset, laughter, pleasure, and other emotional responses as these are part of the dualistic mind and are subject to the law of opposites.

What is referred to as Love may be pleasurable and exciting for a while, but it is an addictive clinging, an extremely needy condition that can turn into its opposite quite quickly. Real love doesn’t make you suffer. It has no opposite.

What is sometimes called joy is actually pleasure. Pleasure is always derived from something outside of you whereas joy arises from inside you. The very thing that will give you pleasure today will give you pain tomorrow, or it will leave you, so its absence will give you pain.

Peace is a state of inner happiness. You are at an extreme satisfaction in all that you are, who you are, where you are. And it is in the ‘Now’ not has been or will be.

When you can understand the above sentences you are on your way to ‘Spiritual Enlightenment’, and I may add this does not just happen as a lot of extreme situations do need to be acknowledged and lest of all understood. I have had the privilege of learning a lot through my own life and mistakes also other people and Eckhart Tolles book ‘The Power of Now’ has been a great inspiration. The budda says that pain and suffering arises through desire or craving and to be free of pain we need to cut the bonds of desire.


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