I Can do it

“She laughs at my dreams, but I dream about her laughter.” The Click Five

Actions always speak louder than words.

Our thoughts create our reality in our living experiences, so it is important to know and respect ourself first.

By not paying attention to the action that takes place in our relationship/s and the action with a partner our roles may be an illusion we create in our heads. We may waste time, energy and self-respect. It is ourselves that we must have our first thoughts of importance to.

Your living is determined not so much by what life brings you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.

-John Miller

A balanced relationship is where we have our attention focused on our partner as a high priority towards what we can and will achieve together. After the ‘honeymoon’ period and this is spoken in this instance as the first primary days of dating. As these days are both people acting to the advantage of being with a potential partner. This time differs within all relationships as it does depend on the frequency of togetherness along with activities outside a relationship and the activities that are shared that have an importance in an individual’s lifestyle.

All relationships are a unique experience.

Dreaming and thinking about achieving a life together are empowering and inspiring thoughts. Such positive thinking is effective only when action is taken. A good vision in our mind with regards to where we see ourselves in the future with a partner is powerful if the majority of days are spent enjoying what is eventuating in the recent days of togetherness.

Many of us avoid looking at our feelings if things go wrong in relationships as we have a fear of losing or being left on our own. Our feelings will always be our best guidance as to if our choosen direction is appropriate.

Do it for them

Love is the strongest, healthiest feeling to experience and we all are so much deserving of this feeling. We can experience love if we give it out, as ‘the law of attraction’ responds. Love yourself, love your family, and love your partner, your friends and your neighbours. Love is a very strong and powerful emotion. We have the power inside us to strengthen people around us. This feeling is then magnetised.

Happy people everywhere

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