I am confident
believe and achieve

“None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.” Henry David Thor

If we want something badly enough we can make it happen. The event may not be as we exactly vision it to be, it all depends on what has priority in our patterns of thoughts. If we really take the time to view the events as they have previously happened in our life we will be able to see the power our thoughts have generated. Our minds are so powerful and our thoughts are our best working tool and when we think something repeatedly some form does take over in our conscious beliefs.

In the 1930’s Napoleon Hill, author of the all time bestseller, “Think and Grow Rich” wrote, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

A positive attitude along with great visualisations can really make our dreams come true. Think it, feel it, action and results will be a happening.

Watching what we do think is important. Developing the necessary consciousness is what we should aspire to be doing. By visualising/ affirming to ourselves what we want to see happening happen we are putting energy into the event unfolding. We must be honest with ourselves and know what we are planning is for our benefit and everyone else is going to be better in their own minds and circumstances. This is putting our energy in a receptive motion and we will be open to advances and signs from a partner. The person we are looking to be with must have feelings of our worthiness and desire for our being in a partnership role with them.

As we progress with watching our thoughts develop our awareness will become easier to see what moves our potential partner/or now partner is comfortable in and what they place an importance on.  As we are forever creating our reality through what we are thinking. I am confident, I am great, I am a success, these affirmations will become a conscious belief if you repeat them until they are so lodged in your thoughts and become the belief you have visualised them to associate with. An example is you have a picture in your mind with your partner in a happy scene, say holding hands, kissing or looking sexy and as you are visualising you are repeating I am confident, you will take on the confident emotion. That is how powerful planning towards goals can become the reality you aspire for.

“…live the dream every day.”

Work on ourselves, and perseverance certainly help, they’re clearly not enough as a participating person in any relationship will have their own beliefs, and they must be on par with your desires. You will feel so good when you acknowledge the relationship you have with yourself and the bonding you share with your partner.

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.” Hillis

I feel great

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