I can do it

We are born into this world with a body, mind and soul. The best road we can begin taking is acknowledging ourselves.

Relationship Quality

‘I am Free Being Me’

To be human is freedom of human choices, and knowing 0ur own unique qualities is our birth right. What determines our quality of relationships does start with our beliefs about ourselves.

relationship and mindsetThere are many ways our relationship with ourselves determines who we find comfort or discomfort with, some people we will have contact with are more empowering and other people will deplete our energy. Our personal growth moves at different speeds, it depends on who, what, where, why, our genealogy and all aspects of our human development as to our mind activities. The way we think about our relationships to other people depends on how our mind is programed to believe. A basic mindset will have a different line of thoughts than a more empowered person who has an advanced viewing on relationships.

What is considered the  most normal thought  mindset is how the majority of people think, and when we look at where and how we are educated, it is the most functional working way that can be governed and controlled.

The mindset of a more empowered thinking style person is different as far as us all being individuals in the sense the majority of people have become accustomed to acknowledge. An example is knowledge is learnt at different speeds and the persons that have studied human development and acknowledge that we are all connected, and all parts of a larger whole, like individual cells in a body, stars in the sky or grains of sand on a beach.

When we become aware of our thinking ways and what we spend our regular thoughts on we can become aware of making changes and watching the results that follow.

People are attracted to each other based on their similarities. It is not necessarily a conscious choice. We all have parts of ourselves that are dormant in our thoughts of ourselves, but they are in us. Until we are conscious enough to be open to recognising the emotion and seeing it for what it is as a growth stage in life we can be negative towards the emotion.

Fear, risk, worry are very powerful emotions that will stunt growth in any form it can control. The willingness to get out on a limb makes us subjectable to criticism. Negative words about us will often make consideration a power towards our thoughts. ‘Out of the box’ creative thinking takes a powerful mindset to think of, and taking the steps required to achieve the venture often takes clever endeavours.

If we  think about every relationship we have participated in good, bad and the ugly, we were taught a lesson, and that lesson has helped us to become who we are today. Our minds are such powerful tools and we can only get brighter if we start acknowledging what it is that is going on inside us, around us and to us.

Opportunities everywhere.

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