I Trust my Intuition and Relationship Values

Our values held in relationships cover an extensive range of interests and activities such as, emotional issues, personal desires, financial beliefs, family structure, religions and beliefs…..

values of relationshipWe must dig deep and get honest with ourselves and open our eyes, as we  may actually be with someone who we are potentially in a self-destroying relationship with, and we’ve been missing the good things as we may have been too busy worrying about irrelevant stuff.  We may discover we are with a very compatible partner and we can allow ourselves to be more open, honest and trusting. Or we may discover our incompatibility, but at least we will be able to use the knowledge to focus our energies in the right direction

What we value is about us as individuals being content and being satisfied with what is wanted and needed in order to live our life to our own specifications, and feel happy and good with ourselves.

Our values are based on our life experiences and what we find most important to ourselves at a particular time in our life growth stages. What we are passionate about will be at the top of our accomplishing list.

We all have our own personal boundaries, which are our limits of what we are prepared to accept in a relationship and what we are open to experience.

Values allow us to know what we feel is good and in what order we are attracted to any particular situation.

What we value the most shows up by being aware of what is happening to us and in what order.

If we aren’t aware of what is going on in our lives we won’t know if we are acting in our own best interests.

We will not know what we want.

We will not know if something feels right or wrong.

We would be unsure of when we need to opt out of any situations.

We may find ourselves living our own life focusing on someone else’s expectations.

Our own core values would be not in our conscious day to day living.

If we improve our self-esteem, our values will shift to accommodate our new beliefs, and likewise, if our self-esteem takes a knock, our belief system can change as a result. What we believe is reflected in how we act and who we choose as our partner which is all the more reason to address what we believe in to prevent ourselves from doing stuff that sabotages our own happiness.

Our values change as we go through life; they reflect where we are at a particular time in our living stages.

If we compare the values we say that we have with with the things that we look for in a relationship, for example: Say that we value love, respect, being cared for, and trusted, but we chase guys/girls for passion, attraction, sex, and excitement, we’ll likely end up with a fun loving, great in bed, that looks great and makes us look good, but treats us like a casual partner and has no desire to be in a committed relationship.

If you know what is important to you, you should be honest and acknowledge your values/boundaries, otherwise be receptive to what you allow into your lifestyle.

If we take time in acknowledging our own personal values/boundaries, we will end up with substantial relationships opposed to being in relationships with conflicts of interest.

If you are with a partner who has work as a top value he/she may be totally focused on work and being in a relationship or family situation will not be on top of his/her priority list.

The importance to know what is our own and our partners values and in what order is great for a compatible relationship.

    Happy people everywhere      

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