Achieving our own personal successes and reaching the goals we inspire towards starts in our mind first, and then we must take inspired and plenty of action.

This is not easily achieved by the large percentage of people as we easily get controlled by our emotions, which often leads to inconsistent action.

We must develop our mental strength and be able to know how to control and respond to our emotions. When we are able to look honestly at this aspect of ourselves we can be more susceptible to make a steady progress towards our personal successes and the goals we have a true intention of reaching.

Success in life is a lot to do with managed thoughts, a lot of focused attention and plenty of action. Personal success and personal failure all starts in the mind.

Understanding the roles of our conscious and subconscious mind is a powerful process to help eliminate negative beliefs that have been holding us back from moving closer too and reaching our personal successes and goals.

  1. Have a clear vision of what is wanted. Don’t spend wasted time obsessing about things we want to avoid, or the things that we don’t have, but would like. This really slows our progress down big time. Make the time to think what it is that really is inspiring and a goal that would be a great celebration when it is reached. Actually knowing what one wants is a big step in any ones life. So the importance of making the time to just think is a major first step. Napolean Hills words used are Persistance, Desire, Belief, Faith. Having faith is so relevant in achievement. What-ever our own beliefs are is our choosing. My interpretation of faith follows on from the 5 thoughts.

  2. Make a statement of clear intention.  Focus on the end result and keep seeing it in the mind and feel like you are living as you truly desire too in your imagination. Be very cautious who you are trusting to share your intended desire with as dream crushers and dream stealers are around us all the time. Unintentionally, these friends, family members speak in a knowing way, and caution is a big stopper to events unfolding. This is so true, just look into the lives of all inventors, entrepreneurs and successful people, the obstacles that were faced by an individual is always a separate event to that that was the first vision.

  3. Take the right action steps. We must become efficient at trusting ourselves first, and then focus on the people we would like to see around us, the people who can bring us closer to our goal. A lot of people unintentionally will suck energy and waste time from us, as we are now becoming a bit of an eccentric and will start to be in a positive go ahead life phase. This is an exciting time with new unseen opportunities before us. And the desire to reach the outcome becomes a need as strong as breathing.

  4.  Networking and creating ongoing relationships with like-minded people, those who share similar goals, is important, as it is challenging to succeed at most ventures alone. Most successful people and organizations have a group or communities of people around them. By inspiring each other we grow, share and learn.

  5. Trust in ourselves is the major asset we have at this time or at any time in our lives.  For our own sake we must be so vigilant and constant in our own personal wants. Self always is number one in any ones life, the rest follows.

Dreaming and thinking about things is inspiring but taking the appropriate action is the foundation to all steady, solid foundations. Knowing what we want is the first step toward our wanted destination.

I believe the universe is waiting for us to acknowledge the unseen powers that we can have working with us if we allow ourselves to become aware of these opportunities. Situations, people,events will become recognisable when we ‘trust our intuition’. If we are not persistent or clear about what we want, the universe will misfire, presenting us with opportunities and choices that will not be in alignment with what is our want. Knowing what is wanted is the first step, asking is the second, then believing, which is living as if your goal has been reached is important. It is important to review what it is we value and in what order we put our personal values in, as we are now in a trust state with the universe.

What the subconscious mind believes is what we get. All of our conscious thoughts contribute to the building of the subconscious mind. If we think success we will develop a subconscious expectation of success. Dreaming and thinking about achieving our wants is inspiring. But positive thoughts are only effective when we take the right action towards our goals. Knowledge and skills are pieces of information that unless used to benefit our primary goal they will be of little use. Knowledge and action work when combined together. Having the right vision in our mind is of extreme importance.

The most successful people would not have reached their destinies without taking action. The fear of losing keeps many of us from achieving our goals. Always remember ‘it is better to have tried and failed, than to have failed to try’. Trust that help is always there, the lesson is to acknowledge and become aware of opportunities.

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