Achieving your own personal successes and reaching the goals you wish to inspire towards first starts in the mind.

How to Self Mentor

  1. Have a clear vision of what is wanted. Don’t spend wasted time obsessing about things you want to avoid, or the things that you don’t have, but would like. This really slows your progress down big time. Make the time to think what it is that really is inspiring and a goal that would be a great celebration when it is reached. Actually knowing what you want is a big step.  So the importance of making the time to just think is a major first step. Napoleon Hills words used are Persistence, Desire,Belief, and Faith. Having faith is so relevant in achievement.

  2. Make a statement of clear intention.  Focus on the end result and keep seeing it in the mind and feel like you are living as you truly desire too in your imagination. Be very cautious who you are trusting to share your intended desire with as dream crushers and dream stealers are around us all the time. Unintentionally, these friends, family members speak in a knowing way, and caution is a big stopper to events unfolding. This is so true, just look into the lives of all inventors, entrepreneurs and successful people, the obstacles that were faced by an individual is always a separate event to that that was the first vision.

  3. Take the right action steps. You must become efficient at trusting yourself first, and then focus on the people you would like to see around you, the people who can bring you closer to your goal. A lot of people unintentionally will suck energy and waste time from you, as you are now becoming a bit of an eccentric and will start to be in a positive go ahead life phase. This is an exciting time with new unseen opportunities before you. And the desire to reach the outcome becomes a need as strong as breathing.

  4.  Networking and creating ongoing relationships with like-minded people, those who share similar goals, is important, as it is challenging to succeed at most ventures alone. Most successful people and organizations have a group or communities of people around them. By inspiring each other we grow, share and learn.

  5. Trust in yourself is the major asset you have at this time or at any time in your life. For your own sake you must be so vigilant and constant in your own personal wants.You are and will  always be the top priority in your life.

‘Love Loving You’ is a very inspirational book, and it will be a constant reminder to you on the power that is in and around you when you become aware of the opportunities everywhere.

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