You create the things you think about the most. Success in life is not found in the way you work, but in the way that you think. You have to be hungry to get what you want in your life, really seeing it in your mind, and feeling yourself participating in the vision, and that plants the seeds for growth to follow. That is desire manifesting.

success and wealth

What Do You Mean by Success and Wealth in Your Life?

Success or wealth is a subconscious conviction. Build into your mentality the idea of success or wealth. As you focus on the word, success or wealth, visualise your thought and feel the situation as if you are living it right now. Your subconscious multiplies and magnifies whatever you deposit in it. “To him that hath the feeling of wealth, more wealth shall be added; to him that hath the feeling of lack, more lack shall be added.”

Study and think about these words. This is from the bible. The bible teachings are not recognised or they are scorned at due to past prejudice by some people. This sentence from the bible is very much subconscious thinking and mental mind conditioning. What this verse is saying is if you think about a thought continuously, the subconscious is being conditioned to see opportunities as the mind and body are open to what thoughts are happening. “ Like buying a new car, I was attracted to a maroon coloured car, before I owned the car I never noticed maroon coloured cars in the same quantity as when I owned one.” Also when I was pregnant I thought I was on my own in the pregnant state, but then I began seeing  pregnant woman everywhere.” This is how the subconscious works. When it knows what is a priority in your life it brings more likened situations to you. So being aware of your thoughts is critical in relation to you getting what you want happening in your life.

As words have their own meanings to each individual person.  What may mean wealth to a person will not hold the same perception to another. Wealth may be financial to some then it may mean health, happiness, and other things to another.

  1. Think about your thoughts.
  2. Know your own desires
  3. Focus on your desires and follow through with the appropriate actions.
  4. Understand how your mind operates. Conscious thinking, subconscious thinking and super conscious thoughts.
  5. Train your mind to believe.  I learnt the following sentence from John Kehoes book  ‘Mind Power’  “My subconscious is my partner in success.” This sentence is powerful because you acknowledge that you are aware of your subconscious, your subconscious is your partner and working with you and success is what your outlook is. So success is likely to be the outcome.

Wanting something badly will not automatically bring it forward. Wishing, hoping praying, these emotional responses all need your active help. Understanding how your subconscious works is a great start

A way to see for yourself the power in words is by saying  a word repeatedly to yourself. ‘Success’, think what success means to you, what comes to your mind when you say ‘success’. Repeat the word as many times as you can, morning, daytime, evening, whenever you can. Be aware of the picture in your conscious mind. This is you planting the first seed towards your success. A reminder is your success is unique to you or if you have a partner and both share the same desire that is a great situation to be in. Surround yourself in memorandums to acknowledge your desire. Words, pictures, people who inspire you, and really believe.  

Developing your concentration is like strengtheing a muscle. So be conscious of what you are thinking as you are creating your future experiences with your “now” thoughts.

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