Steps For New Self-Image

develop self image

C ancel
R eplace
A ffirm
F ocus
T rain


  1. Cancel old, negative data. Speak the word cancel out loud when you feel yourself going into a negative mode.
  2. Replace it with new positive data. I will fail, is changed to winners never quit. Remember it is better to have tried and failed than fail to try.
  3. Affirm your new self-image to yourself. Affirmations are a great new addition into your subconscious mind. ‘I win’, ‘I am a success’, ‘I am confidant’, ‘Money works for me’, ‘Opportunities Everywhere’…
  4. Focus on an image of a successful you. Relax for ten minutes a day and picture yourself doing, being or saying where or what it is you want in your life.
S ense of direction F rustration
U nderstanding A ggressiveness
C ourage I nsecurity
C harity


L oneliness
E steem U ncertainty
S elf confidence R esentment
S elf acceptance E mptiness

When we are deprived of the ability to stretch our boundaries, we allow ourselves to be cold and alone and cut off from our full potential to achieve what we would like to focus on achieving and we cut ourselves off from nature and the universe. But when our talents are required and rewarded, we can stretch our abilities, use the energy of self-esteem to activate the unique mix of universal traits we each possess, and undercover the microcosm of the universe within ourselves.

– Gloria Steinem, Revolution from Within. (1992)

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