Making a change is never easy. Events that go on in the mind do take control and have power over us during times of uncertain,unstable or unsure thinking phases.Sometimes when we try to stop particular events or thought patterns, it seems the whole situation gets worse for a while. This is not a bad thing.

You are more than your mind. You are thinking with your mind only because your mind has been trained to think this way. It is possible to retrain the mind. Once you become conscious of you/your being you, you need to reclaim consciousness from your mind. You need to get your identity back as your identity has become an ever-needy mental conflict. Your mind is taking over all your consciousness. You cannot stop thinking. Compulsive thinking has become a collective disease. You need to reclaim your consciousness from the trapped situation it has been put in at this time. An effective way to do this is take your attention away from your thinking mind.

Tips to Reclaim Your Consciousness

Take a deep breath and as you exhale, focus on your body, allowing tension to be felt and become aware of the tension leaving your body. As you breathe focus on your body parts, beginning with your scalp, your forehead in between your eyes, as you breathe out allow the tension to leave your body. Let your scalp and forehead  and around your eyes relax. Now focus on your cheeks, mouth, and throat. Feel all the areas and feel the cells under the skin slowing to a relaxed state. Go down to your neck, your shoulders, chest, arms , elbows hands, fingers, when they are in a relaxed state, feel your attention moving up to your chest, relaxed and removing any tension that is there. The tightened areas will become in a relaxed state when you think about the feeling and imagine all the cells under your skin slowing down and relaxing. Repeat the process throughout your body. Acknowledge your abdomen, stomach, bottom, legs, knees, ankles, toes and soles of your feet, all body areas, which are recognisable to you. This is a very effective way of getting in touch with your body. Your body is working with your mind in strengthening your entire being. Guided meditations can be found and the appropriate one for you has to be your own choice.   It does take practise for the routine to become a part of you. Like any belief, repetition is necessary.  Allowing the mind to quieten is easier when you can experience a physical letting go. Experiences and emotions can get stuck inside the body and until they are released will delay or can even stop the better feelings, emotions, and experiences  being felt.

The feeling of the inner body is formless, limitless and you can always go more deeply into it.

Consciousness is evolving throughout our planet at an increasing speed. Focusing on ourselves as the individual beings we are is a big step towards human growth in future generations. The human mind, body and spirit are very complex. A mind can go on a runaway streak as quick as you can think a single word. This is common and it does take practise to become aware of what triggers unlikable mannerisms. Consciousness is the answer. Being conscious of our minds action towards circumstances. Awareness like consciousness is a personal theory, due to our individual conditioning. It is necessary to focus on yourself. Your own mind, body and spiritual identity.

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