Psychology Stages of Life Development

Stage 1:  Birth to seven.  Follow the leader.
Need:Vulnerability, Nurturing, and Dependence.

Stage 2:  Seven to fourteen. Follow the rules.
Need: Fun,Friendship, and Independence.

Stage 3:  Fourteen to twenty one.  Follow your reason.
Need: Achievement, Self-reliance, and Independence.

Stage 4:  Twenty one to twenty eight. Follow your heart.
Need: Love, Experience and self-sufficiency.

Stage 5:  Twenty eight to thirty five.  Follow your conscience.
Need: Responsibility, Accountability, and Commitment.

Stage 6:  Thirty five to forty two. Follow your duty.
Need: Responsibility, Accountability and Commitment.

Stage 7:  Forty two to forty nine. Follow your dreams.
Need: Service, Contribution, and Creativity.

Stage 8:  Forty nine to fifty six. Follow your higher power or god.
Need: Spirituality, Healing, and Balance.

Stage 9:  Fifty six and beyond. Follow your destiny.
Need: Being, Fulfilment, and Growth.

From age fifty six and onward we primarily follow our destiny. In this stage we discover that there really is nowhere we have to go or no particular way we have to be.

Just being ourselves is enough. To the extent that we have nurtured ourselves during the other eight stages, this is the time of great fulfilment. Our fulfilment primarily comes from just being ourselves and discovering in each moment the new aspect of being that keeps coming out of ourselves in every situation.

We realise that everything we need is always present and that all we need to do in order to serve god, the world and ourselves is simply to be ourselves. Automatically our purpose in life unfolds and is fulfilled. By simply being ourselves we are able to fill our destiny.

In this stage we are free of all personal needs to change circumstances or get anywhere. We can be fulfilled with whatever comes our way because it pulls out more of who we are.

It is realisation of the ninth stage that provides the foundation for fully living the ninth principle.

Feast as if you can have whatever you want.

This information is from –

Practical Miracles for Mars and Venus by John Gray, Ph.D.

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