Our thoughts are so powerful and our day to day reality is as it is by the use or mis-use of our thoughts.

The majority of us have not been told, or explained too of the repercussions we will have or be exposed to by our thinking. The more we let our thoughts dwell on any particular event or subject we are programing our lives according to what we are allowing into our thinking. Think well, attract like-so, and think the worse and such is the likelihood of us seeing or bringing the happening closer to ourselves.

Whether we like it or not we are forever creating our living reality through what we are thinking.

Everything in life is made up of energy. Our thoughts are energy and they move according to how much or how little energy they have working for or against them.

Our minds are so dynamic in their structure and by breaking our thinking minds down to the conscious and unconscious thought process; we will be more able to understand our needs and wants.

I will basically outline the workings of each, the conscious and the unconscious and when we start to look at the happenings, events, and situations that we allow ourselves to be exposed to, we will be able to start voiding our common thoughts and reprograming them to be what we are comfortable with and aimed more at what we would like to focus on, achieve and be successful at having eventuate.

Our conscious exists of people, places, things and events. So where we have our concentration focused on these aspects of our thoughts, this is where we are using our energy to elaborate around.Our conscious thinking is also known as the outer world of thoughts as it concerns all the outer possibilities and projects in our day to day living.Thinking gets better

Our subconscious are our thoughts, emotions and attitudes, and all of these are the workings of our inner selves. How we react to situations is how our emotions and attitudes are played out in ourselves. If we act angry, anger is shown, if we are hurt, pain is shown, if we are surprised, we will look overwhelmed, if happy, happiness is the outcome and so on…

Thinking Better with Conscious and Unconscious mind

We can all be better or worse, we have the choice to participate in either want.

Understanding how our conscious and subconscious mind plays in the participation of events unfolding in our lives and the necessary application of our thoughts is our role towards getting what we want happening in our lives.

What the subconscious mind believes is what we get. All of our conscious thoughts contribute to moving towards or away from what happens to us in our lives. Watching what we think is a big step towards accomplishing goals, success and positive outcomes.

Think it, Feel it, Action= Results

Once we start to acknowledge the power our thoughts have on our lives we will become excited and this is like a new way of living. Like panning for gold, we have to be watchful and often empty our minds of what is no longer useful or of a benefit to ourselves, just like throwing the stones from the pan we are using to find the gold with, back into where it came from.

Acknowledgement and awareness is power and power is good when used to benefit the self and others.


My mission is to explain myself as best as I can to make my point of being in control of our thinking minds as best we can, to make ourselves feel good and in control of what we want happening and to have the best chance we can to get it happening.


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