Think Positive

Think it, feel it, act on it, results always.

Do not inquire why or whether, but just enjoy your ice cream while it is on your plate.

Right, wrong, good or bad… really life is a lot of hay, straw, barley…,so start thinking about what you are thinking, and correct the thoughts if they are not towards your highest good. It’s only thinking so don’t give the negative thought another run in the life race. If the thought is negative, and you know what is a right/wrong, good/bad thought going through your thinking mind. Think the oppersite and really start thinking about the consequences. If you focus on the bad you are drawn into the situations and people that match the thinking way. This is opposed to thinking the good thoughts, where at least you are in for a chance of getting closer to what you really want, and surprise you can and are more likely achieve the desired want.

Give yourself permission to own it, see it, or to be it.

Whatever you so desire focus on just that.

Release the thought to the universe and let go of self-pressure to see an outcome. – SURRENDER

In your own mind repeat the thought of the wanted event happening, again and again and again, repetition leads to a result.

Like a seed planted, needs water to survive, as does your thought need constant love, care, and effective thinking. One step is always followed by another. Start watching your life as you progress and you do progress once you give attention to your life events unfolding as  you consciously acknowledge them.


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