How to Find Peace in Our Heart Area

We may want a peaceful life. Many of us have had negative or traumatic experiences that have left us feeling angry, hurt, or bothered in some way. These negative feelings are very powerful and can keep us from living a peaceful life.

positive affirmation

We can give ourselves permission to change our life for the better, starting now. We can choose to defuse the negative power that our destructive thoughts have enveloped our minds previously.

By destroying the power negative thoughts have over us, we are giving ourselves the power to find the peace that we long for. Affirmations for Peace

It can be difficult to overcome the struggles we encounter. We allow many things to devour us from the inside. Life’s biggest hurdles, such as the loss of relationships, deaths, and financial issues, can steal peace and contentment from our hearts.

Instead of allowing ourselves to live in despair from our struggles, we can reprogram our mind to think positive and peaceful thoughts.

How can we reprogram our mind? There are some powerful tools we can use to help ourselves. These tools are called affirmations. We can change our life by using affirmations for peace, joy, happiness and whatever we feel passionate about.

Even with affirmations, finding peace in our hearts may take a little time. Make the choice every day to live a life of peace and happiness. Eliminate one negative feeling at a time, and soon you will find harmony and contentment.

Why Do Affirmations Work?

Affirmations are statements that take advantage of the power words contain. They’re positive statements that activate our mind to accomplish great things.

Words have the power to change our life!

When an affirmation is repeated, like, “I am a success, I feel great, I win we program our mind to focus and take action.

It’s also important to believe in the power of the words and their ability to heal our hearts and our minds.

We can restore peace in our heart if we believe the affirmation and aspire for it to be our truth, and we can feel the reality of the words we are affirming.

It’s easy to incorporate positive affirmations in our lives. Many people say them upon waking and going to bed. Other people use them only when they’re having a hard time and feel discontentment well up in their hearts.

The real power of these affirmations for peace comes when we do believe the statements and see them as the ideal way we would like to feel. We reaffirm this truth and power every time we say the affirmation.

Using affirmations truly is a way to create change. The more we use them; we can discover that these affirmations have immense powers our past thought process never imagined. In addition, the repetition of words that aspire ourselves towards happening is a great boost to our body cells, and makes us appreciate good thoughts.


Did you know…?

The heart generates the strongest rhythmic electromagnetic field generated in the body.

Measured with modern magnetic field meters, the heart’s electromagnetic field is approximately five thousand times greater in strength than produced by the brain.

The hearts field permeates every cell in the body and radiates up to eight feet outside the body and theoretically it travels even further.


Institute of Heartmath

When we can imagine how our heartfelt feelings can be activated by our using simple affirmation repetition, we open ourselves up to changing and replacing our dislikes with what inspires us.

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