Values are what we find important to us at a particular time in our life. Beliefs are thoughts we keep thinking.

Understanding your own values and beliefs

Understanding Own Value


The clearer you can be about what you want to happen in your life and why you want it to happen, the more likely it will and can happen.

Know What is Important to You

Knowing what is important to you is a good way of finding out your values and in the order they are working for you.

The clearer you can be about your values and beliefs, the happier and more effective you will be.

Your values are made up of everything that has happened in your life, from your parents, and family up-bringing, your friends,education,work,life experiences, and your thoughts on everything.

By increasing your knowledge on what is important to you and in what order you will start to realise why particular happenings occur and what you can do about making the changes you desire.

If you look at what is important to yourself at a particular time in your life you will be able to see what your present value is. What you do value will change at different times in your life depending on what you think about and what is important to you and when.

Why Identify and Establish Your Values?

Once defined, values impact every aspect of your life.

Your values and in the order of the importance of your values shows through in everything that you do.

In your personal and work behaviors, decision making, contribution, and interpersonal interaction.

The decisions you make and in the order of the priority they are in your daily life.

Your goals and life purpose are made up from your values.

By learning what you value and in what order of importance you will gain a valuable understanding of just who you are and what makes you tick, – this is a very important aspect of personal growth.

Knowing the Order of Your Values

You can start making changes in your life and head towards what you really want happening when you know what is important and in what order.

Examples of some values and the beliefs I hold are

  • Paid Work- For financial benefits
  • Relationship-To share myself with my partner and feel love.
  • Children-Having my own family,giving and receiving
  • Travel-For seeing new places
  • Sport-Teamwork

Everything you do and think about in your life is put in order of importance to what you think of it.

When you choose what is important to you, what you value most will define your character.

Your goals and dreams are easier reached when you can be totally honest with what you know about yourself and in what order of importance you would like to see the happenings happen in.

Look at your Life.

If where you are at present is not where you would like to be, it is worth you really thinking about what you want and making your values work for you.

Your beliefs will fit in with your values as your thoughts will unite.

Values are what are important to you.

Beliefs are thoughts you think continuously.

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