Tips to Get the Things You Like

The subconscious mind is the governor of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and impulses. Our subconscious mind has the data stored in it and will bring any experience from the past into fruition when it sees a similar or likened situation brewing or that has occurred. Many people today spend a good portion of their money and time staying as young as they can or building the perfect-sighted body. Taking drugs, following fad diets, exercise indulgent, liposuction, cosmetic surgery whatever it is that they feel is their salvation to make their lives shine brighter than they feel they are in at a present moment.

Using our own ability to bring forth what we want in our lives can be done by repeating a desire, believing it is happening and have absolute faith. Society has done its work of corruption and we have to undo it. We have been conditioned to think we are inadequate to give to ourselves. We have been conditioned to be time poor; friends are getting to be lesser as everget what you thinkyone is multi-tasking to get what they can and are expected to do themselves. Problems are reality situations to a lot of people. Advertising is powerful and much mind techniques have been used to sell a product to make sales and profit.

In today’s lifestyles we are conditioned to want more in the expectancy of staying as young and vibrant as we so wish to be seen by others. Also if we look our best we do feel all the positive vibes . When we value ourselves we stand out and when we feel good at what we achieve it shows. When we accept a belief we bring it to reality. We age according to our expectancy. Some people are old at fifty, whereas to a lot of people now fifty is seen as a new beginning of a self-indulgent life where a big focus is on number one – the-self. All ages have dark areas, if self-esteem is a low or if one wants to feel sexier for themselves due to feeling inadequate, hardships that may have taken toll, mistakes that have been made, many circumstances may weaken ones spirit.

The power of words is so great. Start telling yourself what you want, think it, write it, live it and believe it will eventuate.

A good affirmation to say is ‘Beauty, love, peace and abundance are mine.’ or ‘Perfect health is mine, and harmony operates in my mind and body.’ Write the words on a piece of paper and on the back write ‘I have faith, trust and confidence in these words.’

Repeat the saying morning, daytime and evening until you have the sentence repeating itself to you unplanned and when your mind is quietened. Belief is what brings forth reality. Think it, feel it, actions equal result. We want all we have in our minds to eventuate now, as that is human mind-power. The secret is to start small; a desire is easier accomplished when it has a lot of mind power behind it.

Learning the power of our own thoughts is very exciting. Our past, present and future is all governed by our thinking ability.

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